When we first decided to join Zija as a business, one of the decisions we had to make was to determine what type of business cards we wanted to use to promote our new business venture. We began a search through the back office and also through a couple of other sites for some professional looking cards and were just not sure about the costs associated with something new that we didn't know how it was going to turn out in the long run.

So, we did what lots of other people do. We went the "cheap" route.

We went to VistaPrint at first and created some generic cards that did not have a logo or anything else, just our names and a pretty picture on it of a "plant" that wasn't even a Moringa look alike. They worked ok but just didn't have a very professional appearance. They almost reminded me of something I could have created in a day with a printer and card stock at home. Yep, they were that cheap in appearance. But for the price of the cards, we got 250 of them to get started with.

Shortly after starting our Zija business, however, we quickly realized that things were going to progress more rapidly than we had anticipated. Our income was growing and with more and more contacts, we were going through the cheap cards pretty quickly.

The search began new again. However this time I found a great place through an advertisement I came across while at a convention and checked out a great place for some awesome designs for Zija business cards.

This place has some amazing designs and with 22 front designs and 24 back designs to choose from, you can come up with some great designs in glossy card stock that will impress and also allow you to pique and pass properly!

Check out these designs and get your great cards today! They are a little more than VistaPrint cards, however they are cheaper than other options that are out there. Plus you get 1,000 cards to really grow and explode your business!

Here is one of the backs that you can choose from:

Here is a sample front that I really enjoyed and used for my design:

No matter what your choice for business cards when you start your Zija business, you need to have them. It is a tool to allow people to contact you, share your contact information with other professionals, both inside and outside of Zija and also a great tool to market your site and pique interest in the products and opportunity.